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Inplant Tranining for Mechanical Engineering Students

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Mechanical Engineering is a diverse subject that derives its requirement from the need to design and manufacture everything from small individual parts,for them we teach the core concepts with the software Solidworks.


  • SolidWorks is a 3D mechanical CAD (computer-aided design) program that runs on Microsoft Windows and is being developed by Dassault Systèmes SolidWorks Corp., a subsidiary of Dassault Systèmes, S. A. (Vélizy, France).

  • SolidWorks is currently used by over 1.87 million engineers and designers at more than 165,000 companies worldwide. FY2011 revenue for SolidWorks was 483 million dollars.
IPT Content for Mechanical Engineering

  • SolidWorks Essentials

  • SolidWorks Drawings

  • Assembly Modeling

  • Advanced Part Modeling:

  • Sheet Metal:

  • Weldments:

  • File Management:

  • Creating Animations with SolidWorks Step-By-Step

To know more details about Inplant training for Mechanical Students...Just click the below PDF link.

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