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  • Robotics is a branch of Artificial Intelligence that is fast becoming a phenomenon around the world.

  • It is defined as the study of a Robot's mechanism, automation, chassis and behavior.

  • Though the word "Robotics" was first coined in a science fiction novel way back in 1950, interest in this field as a subject of academics is fairly recent.

Applications of Robots

  • There are oodles of applications of Robots in a gamut of sectors.

  • Robots have in certain cases replaced human workforce and in others have enhanced and made humans work safer.

  • Medical Surgeries, Automobile, Aeronautics, Construction are few of the industries where Robots are widely utilized.

  • Mechanical Engineers, Information Technologists, Automation Engineers are among the many professions whose knowledge base will be helpful in understanding and in turn flourishing in the field of Robotics.
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